Monday, July 3rd, 2017 begins   

Dog Days of Summer

July 3 to August 11th

(The 40 hottest days of summer)




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TOPIC:  Summer…

Posted:  7/3/2017, 4:57 a.m. EDT


So, summer is here and it's heating things up.  Dad says that people who live in Michigan only have a tolerance for temperatures up to 78°F.  Beyond that he says they tend to melt and get really cranky.  Melting humans reminds me of the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz where (spoiler alert) the witch melts at the end.  There was also a small dawg named Toto involved in the story.  Dad says the movie is about a girl and her dog who find a yellow brick road that leads to some angry old guy's house.  Apparently, the old guy has a thing for the witch, and because of the summer heat, turns this tin guy and a scarecrow into people from Kansas.  Or something like that.





... Magical Fruit...


It's also National Eat Beans Day






Olivia Munn
is 37 today
July 3, 1980

American Actress & Model
"Mily Acuna" on series "Beyond the Break"
"Attack of the Show!"
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"Sloan Sabbith" on the series "The Newsroom"
"Psylocke" in X-Men: Apocalypse

"It's been 'one of those days' for like,
3 years now."