Saturday, July 15th, 2017 is   

Gummi Worm Day


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Anniversary Surprise...


Kary squealed with delight as her husband removed the blindfold, and the pilot helped her down from the private sea-plane.  "Oh my God, John," she cried, dancing like an excited child through the lapping waves onto the milky-white beach.  "Where are we?"


John watched his wife's antics with amusement.  "Happy anniversary, my love.  We are on one of the world's few remaining desert islands, in the middle of the Pacific; one hundred miles from civilization."


She continued running around the beach, screaming, but then finally stopped, panting heavily for breath.  "If this is what you've done for 39 years of marriage," she asked, her eyes filled with anticipation, "what will you do for 50?"


"I'll send a plane to pick you up," shouted John over the rising roar of the plane's engines.









Aimee Carrero
is 29 today
July 15, 1988

American Actress
"Angie" on the Cartoon Network series "Level Up"
Devil's Due
"Sofia Rodriguez" on ABC Family

"Young & Hungry"
"Elena" in Disney's "Elena of Avalor"



"The officer said
'You Drinking?' I said 'You Buying'
We just laughed and laughed.
I need bail money."