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TOPIC:  Retirement…

Posted:  7/13/2017, 4:11 a.m. EDT



So, now that dad's retired I gotta find something for him to do.  I saw him yesterday petting the cat, and this ridiculous activity MUST STOP.  It looks like I'm going to have to teach the guy how to play fetch and cook up some chewy bacon so I can cash in on this new found situation.  He tends to doze off in his chair while watching sports, and I also see that he's turning into one of those angry old guys who swears at everything.  Next he will be standing on the porch yelling at children to get off his lawn.  God save us.




... 55th Annual Hot Dog Nite ...


July 13, 2017

Luverne, Minnesota


Over 15,000 free hot dogs served by Luverne Area Chamber Members

Including the Wiener Dog Beauty Pageant and

Annual Wiener Dog Races






Hayley Erin
is 23 today
July 13, 1994

American Actress
"Abby Newman" on
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