Wednesday, August 16th is   

National Bratwurst Day



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... Tell a Joke Day ...


Today is also Tell a Joke Day


With all the recent talk of cloning, you'd think it was a new thing.

But in fact, a very wealthy westerner had himself cloned many years ago.

The boy grew up to have very foul mouth.  The more the son swore, the

madder the father got.


One day, the father got so mad he pushed his son off a high cliff.

The sheriff arrested him for making an obscene clone fall.






Agnes Bruckner
is 32 today
August 16, 1985

American Actress
The Woods, Blue Car,

Murder By Numbers, Blood and Chocolate,
The Anna Nicole Story



"Unless you tripped and smacked your head on the treadmill,
no one wants to hear about your workout."