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    Monday, September 20th is National Woman Road Warrior Day    



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TOPIC:  Cheerleaders…

Posted: 9/19/2010, 7:22 p.m. EDTDoggie


The Detroit Lions need real cheerleaders if they want to win any football games this year.  The fans need something to cheer about, and it sure won't be from watching the team.  If they won't actually hire cheerleaders, I say go back to the days of the old Roman Empire and feed the Lions some real meat, like the owners.

TOPIC:  Squirrel Thieves…

Posted: 9/18/2010, 6:52 a.m. EDT


Squirrels are stealing all our acorns.  I see them out there on our grass (dad calls it his "weeds" - he's so funny).  They like to sneak around and climb our trees.  Sometimes I see them stand up on their little hind legs and laugh at me while I'm staring at them out the window.  They won't be so funny if mom let's me outside.  They grab a few acorns and then dig a damn hole in our yard to bury them.  Dad has to pull up little oak trees in the spring.  He said something the other day about buying a squirrel gun.  You should see dad burst out the front door and chase them up the tree (he learned that from the old Skipster).



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A cop pulls over an old man driving down the highway and says


"Mr. your wife fell out of the car about 8 miles back!


The old man says


"Thank God! I thought I was going deaf!"


Fun Facts To Know And Yell

Detroit Lions Cheerleaders...


Since 1934, the Lions have never had team cheerleaders.  However, when they played their home opener yesterday at Ford Field, they did.  Well, kind of but not really.



The Detroit Lions Officially Have Fake Cheerleaders


Enter "The Detroit Pride" — a group of 12 women ages 18-34 — not recognized as official Lions cheerleaders, and (as noted in The Detroit News), they had to abide by a few rules:

  • They were not allowed to perform organized cheers.

  • They were not allowed to obstruct the view of fans.

  • They were not allowed to take group photos with fans.  Only two girls could appear in photos, so they walked through Ford Field in rows of two.

  • They could not wear Lions logos or team colors.  Although there was blue in their uniforms, it was not “Honolulu blue.”

Thus, yet another reason why the Detroit Lions are unable to post an entry into the WIN column



Moon Bloodgood

is 35 today

September 20, 1975


American actress and model

Lt. Blair Williams in Terminator Salvation

Eight Below, Pathfinder


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