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TOPIC:  Taxes…

Posted: 9/14/2010, 4:27 p.m. EDTDoggie


My property taxes for the doghouse arrived in the mail today.  They actually went down from last year.  With the recession in full swing there is no doubt you can get a nice doghouse for less.  There are a lot of unemployed dogs out there.  The term "working like a dog" seems like a something from a time when you could put in an honest day of work and take home a nice a nice bag of SpippySnacks

TOPIC:  Treadmill…

Posted: 9/13/2010, 6:17 a.m. EDT


Dad has this treadmill mill in the basement and I've been using it to work out.  It is kind of hard to reach the buttons; in fact I have to use a step stool.  I usually walk for 20 minutes then crank it up to '15' and jog for another 20.  I've heard a few dogs ask if I've been working out.  I just tell them it's all natural.  Some dawgs got it, some don't.


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