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    Saturday, October 9th is Curious Events Day    


A day to investigate those unexplained events


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TOPIC:  Ear scratching…

Posted: 10/8/2010, 8:27 p.m. EDTDoggie


It's really weird how I like my ears scratched.  Most cats seem to like it too; but who cares about cats (they're stupid).  I've talked to some of my human friends, and I have yet to have one tell me they like their ears scratched.  Just another pet thing that separates us pets from the two-legged crowd.  More strange but true facts from your dog friends at SkippyDawg.

TOPIC:  Tail chase…

Posted: 10/7/2010, 7:22 a.m. EDT


I found my tail following me yesterday, so I proceeded to chase it the rest of the day.  I never did catch it.  All I got was dizzy.  I shall renew the attempt today.  It is very fast.



Dawg Breath

Tools Defined...Screwdriver


1.  PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER:  Normally used to stab the lids of old-style paper-and-tin oil cans and squirt oil on your shirt; can also be used, as the name implies, to round off the interiors of Phillips screw heads.


2.  AIR COMPRESSOR:  A machine that takes energy produced in a coal-burning power plant 200 miles away and transforms it into compressed air that travels by hose to an pneumatic impact wrench that grips rusty bolts last tightened 70 years ago by someone at Ford, and rounds them off.


3.  PRY BAR:  A tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that clip or bracket you needed to remove in order to replace a 50 cent part.


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