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Weed Appreciation Day


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TOPIC:  Weeds…

Posted:  3/28/2019, 4:20 a.m. EDT


So, for us here in the great white north it's just about time to start the annual warm weather weed battle.  Dad starts off with good intentions using products from the nice folks at TruGreen, but by the end of summer almost always reverts to using high explosives.  Don't get me wrong, using dynamite works well, but it also results in dangerous deep craters in the yard.  The kat goes quite crazy during dynamite season, so it isn't all bad.














Today is also

Something On a Stick Day


Julia Stiles
is 38 today
March 28, 1981

American Actress
I Love You, I Love You Not,

10 Things I Hate About You,
Down to You,

Save the Last Dance,
The Business of Strangers,
Mona Lisa Smile,

The Omen,
film series (2002–2016),
"Lumen Pierce" on "Dexter",
Silver Linings Playbook


"Threw some protein bars in the trash
and now the raccoons are bench-pressing
my neighbors' Great Dane in the back yard."