Today is March 25, 2019

- March is -

National Caffeine Awareness Month



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TOPIC:  Caffeine…

Posted:  3/25/2019, 3:49 a.m. EDT


So, as everyone know, caffeine is one of our basic food groups.  Its most popular form is probably coffee, although it's also in large quantities in tea, energy drinks, colas and Mountain Dew.  The nice thing about caffeine is that it gives you energy.  The unfortunate side effects include anxiety, increased belly fat, insomnia and death.  Dad says if he has to go to that great coffee pot in the sky he's will to accept a little anxiety and belly fat in support of the fine folks who grow, prepare and sell us coffee.  In order to avoid the death thing, the suggestion is to drink no more than 4 cups per day.  WARNING: cup sizes vary!












Today is also

International Waffle Day







Katharine McPhee
is 35 today
March 25, 1984

American Pop Singer, Songwriter, Actress
2006 "American Idol" (runner-up)
Albums: Self-titled debut 2007 (single "Over It"),
"Unbroken (single "Had It All"),
"Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You"
The House Bunny,

Shark Night 3D
"Karen Cartwright." on "Smash"
"Paige Dineen" in CBS's "Scorpion"





"Coffee helps activate my brain and helps me to say sentences and stuff.
I always just hope it happens in that order."