Sunday, March 10th, 2019 is

International Bagpipe Day


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TOPIC:  Daylight Savings Time…

Posted:  3/10/2019, 4:23 a.m. EDT



Okay, so you've lost an hour that you won't get back until the 3rd of November.  I'm sure you'd agree that this is, likely, a crafty plot by the folks at the NoDoz drug company.  Just so ya know, there are lots of suggestions about how to stay awake out there.  You can pinch yourself, get angry, splash water in your ugly mug, get a dose of sunshine, do some push-ups (yeah right, like you can really do that!), start a conversation with someone who isn't boring, listen to bagpipe "music", drink coffee (or energy drinks if you're really stupid), smell some peppermint (no kiddin'), chew some ice cubes (or even better, bacon), turn on your air conditioner (in the winter? Get real! - thanks for nothing Groundhog!!), run up and down your stairs, laugh (read SkippyDawg of course), take a cold shower, or take a nap.  I wouldn't suggest napping because you'd be taking all the fun out of trying to stay awake.  Oh, and sorry to hear you missed church this morning.














Today is also

National Ranch Dressing Day





Victoria Vida
is 20 today
March 10, 1999

American Actress & Singer
"Adrienne Atoms" on Netflix series "Project MC2"
Hit single "Shining Star"