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TOPIC:  Grannies…

Posted:  7/23/2019, 4:07 a.m. EDT


I know a few grannies, and I have to say most of them are very nice.  They always have tons treats to give me.  I usually hold out for the bacon (chewy please), but I'll also never turn down a good steak.  Grandmas always seem to be good cooks, so they really have the treat thing covered.  Us dawgs age at a rate that is about seven times as fast as most grandmas so I'm preparing now for old age by buying lots of headscarves.  I think I'll also be needing glasses to complete the look.  Dad told me that he's also looking into buying headscarves.  I believe that's because, as he ages, his brain matter is starting to leave and he needs something to help keep it inside his abnormally small head.















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