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Santa's List Day





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TOPIC:  Yikes

Posted:  12/4/2019, 4:03 a.m. ET


Yikes.  So, dad thinks he's taking a couple of days to get a boo boo fixed and ends up being caught in a spacetime worm hole for two weeks.  Us here at took advantage of the situation and managed to get the entire office building decorated for Christmas.  The big holiday hoedown will be here in three weeks so there's no time to waste.  The webmaster is back, so put those fuzzy slippers back in the closet and let's get this ship off the ground.

















Today is also

National Cookie Day





Hilary Cruz
is 31 today
December 4, 1988

American Actress, Model,
Miss Teen USA 2007


"And suddenly those annoying neighbors that leave their
Christmas lights up all year long look like geniuses."