Thursday, April 4th, 2019 is

World Rat Day



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TOPIC:  Rats…

Posted:  4/4/2019, 435 a.m. EDT


I don't care who you are, rats are just creepy. When you think about it, it's funny that the words "rats" and "cats" rhyme.  Of course, that's because they're both rodents!  Most cats have hairy tails and rats don't, but that's about the only difference.  If I were forced into having any species of rat, I suppose that I'd go for something in the mouse family.  Same with dad, and he says that he prefers a wireless mouse because then the tail doesn't get in the way of being productive.  And let's be serious here, his definition of being "productive" is being able to sit up in a chair long enough to scarf down a box of donuts.  Okay, back to the rat race everybody!










Today is also

National Burrito Day






Jessica Serfaty
is 28 today
April 4, 1991

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Ride (2018),
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FML (2016)
"America's Next Top Model" (Cycle 14)
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"Just added 2,000 steps on my FitBit
wandering the office looking for donuts."