Monday, April 15th, 2019 is

Income Tax Day

(The 17th in Maine & Massachusetts)


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TOPIC:  Tax Theory...

Posted:  4/15/2019, 4:13 a.m. EDT


So, we've all heard the smart people say that perfection is not having to pay the government any money when you file your taxes.  They also say that you should only have enough taxes deducted from your paycheck, so you don't get a bunch of money back when you file your taxes.  The theory is that if you give your favorite uncle too much cash up front, you're just giving him money you could be putting in the bank.  This theory is fundamentally flawed of course because it assumes that money in the bank earns enough interest to make it worthwhile.  As I see it, the best way to deal with income taxes is just not pay them.  Later, you can hire a law firm to negotiate with the IRS to pay back just 25% of what you owe.  If you then negotiate with the lawyers to only take half of what you've saved, it's what we call a win-win.














Today is also

Glazed Ham Day




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