Monday, April 1st, 2019 is

April Fools Day



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TOPIC:  April Fools Day…

Posted:  4/1/2019, 0338 hours EDT


Dad says you can't take anyone seriously today because they may just be pulling your leg.  Us dawgs must be extra careful considering we have 4-legs (unless you happen to be a 3-legged dawg of course).  He says to believe nothing and trust no one.  I must admit that I got faked-out last year when a friend of mine made me think he'd thrown a tennis ball in the yard, when he had actually kept it in his hand the whole time.  This year I plan to get even by performing my poo in the shoe trick.  Let's all be careful out there!













Today is also

Sourdough Bread Day




Ava Allan
is 19 today
March 1, 2000

American Actress & Model
"Paula Santilli" in Love Is All You Need?
"Amanda Cantwell" in "True Jackson, VP"
"The Middle",

"Criminal Minds",
"Pretty Little Liars",
"Bella" on CBS's "Bad Teacher"




"Ah, April 1st: the only day of the year that people critically evaluate
things they find on the internet before accepting them as true."