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Newspaper Carrier Day



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TOPIC:  Newspaper Carriers…

Posted:  9/4/2018, 4:04 a.m. EDT


So, if you're a newspaper carrier you may want to be thinking about making a career change.  The local Grand Haven Tribune recently decided to deep six their papergirls and paperboys and instead mail the paper to their subscribers.  It seems to be working, but it broke up dad pretty bad considering that he's one of their former Paperboy's of the Year.  He said its kind of like being a past president of the United States.  You know, they think they recognize you, but they also think that you might be wanted by the police.  I say read all about it!















Jaclyn Hales
is 31 today
September 4, 1986

American Actress
Scents and Sensibility,
Unicorn City, Christmas Eve,
BYUtv series "Extinct"


"Two women, who are dog owners, are arguing about which dog is smarter.

LADY #1:  My dog is so smart, every morning he waits for the paperboy
to come around and then takes the newspaper and brings it to me.

LADY #2:  I know.

LADY #1:  How in the world do you know that?

LADY #2:  Because my dog told me."