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National Video Games Day


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TOPIC:  Videogames…

Posted:  9/12/2018, 4:06 a.m. EDT


Gaming is pretty much great fun.  The games were especially fun when they first came out.  There was pong and, well... that's about all there was until Atari came along.  The Atari 2600 was the first must buy home game console .  After that you had to buy Space Invaders and Asteroids and other stuff.  Nowadays the games are so slick you can't hardly tell them from reality.  Like, sometimes I swear that the democrats think their reality is a game where the goal is to oppose the evil overlord Republicans .  Of course, they think the overall goal of the game is to impeach the president of the United States.  Little do they know that the president has been given special powers by the evil Republicans and cannot be defeated.  Now please put down your joystick and return to reality.













Alexia Fast
is 26 today
September 12, 1992

Canadian Actress
Television movies
"Emma" on "Supernatural"
"Eve" in Triple Dog
"Eva" in CW's "The Secret Circle"




"If you get pulled over and the cop says
'Do you know why I pulled you over?'
excitedly shout
'OOH! I love this game! How many guesses do I get?'"