Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 is   

Fire Prevention Day


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TOPIC:  Fire Preventionů

Posted:  10/9/2018, 4:43 a.m. EDT


Dad tells me that it's really important to prevent fire.  He lectures me on the obvious stuff like "don't build a bonfire in the living room," and "gasoline and fire don't mix" and also the more obscure, like "Snickers bars are combustible and delicious," and "firemen and cops don't like each other".  He's so weird.  I'm worried that one day he'll spontaneously combust, so I always keep an extinguisher handy.  Let's be safe out there.













Spencer Grammer
is 35 today
October 9, 1983

American Actress
Cashew tester
Voiced "Summer Smith" in

"Rick and Morty"
"Casey Cartwright" in "Greek"
"Holly" in "Ironside"




"Stop, drop, and roll isn't just an effective fire safety tip,
it is also a fun way to get out of a boring conversation."