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National Walk Your Dog Day



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TOPIC:  Walking…

Posted:  10/1/2018, 4:29 a.m. EDT


There is no doubt, walking is good for you.  Dad says you should walk for about a half hour or so at least five days a week.  If I did that I'd end up so far away from home that my wanted poster would likely end up being posted everywhere.  I think walking could actually be the main reason that a lot of dawgs get lost.  In that spirit, if you're gonna start walking you should probably get yourself chipped and invest in GPS.  Electronic tracking is probably better than simply dropping bread crumbs, just sayin'.  Back in the day I used the bread crumb method and I discovered that everyone would dine on the crumbs and I'd end up lost in some dark back alley.  Crumbs may be safer to use these days though, what with all the fake gluten craziness.  Talk a walk I say!!

















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