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TOPIC:  Receptionists…

Posted:  5/9/2018, 4:51 a.m. EDT


May I help you?

The receptionist is often the first line of defense at many places of business.  But more and more these days the receptionist has been replaced with a telephone and a typed-up list of names and contact numbers.  In fact, dad says he's thinking about setting up a call station for visitors to use at our house.  I tend to bark my head off whenever someone knocks on our door, and he thinks having a call station will cut down on all the noise.  I'm not opposed to the idea because I'll probably be able to get in a little more nap time.  I'm also thinking it should be a pay phone, with the proceeds going to purchase bacon and support the nationwide cat spay and neuter program.


May I help You?





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Nazan Eckes
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May 9. 1976

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