Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 is   

National Teachers Day



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TOPIC:  Teachers…

Posted:  5/8/2018, 4:50 a.m. EDT


Thank the good Lord for good teachers.  I still remember my favorite teachers from puppy school.  They always knew how to keep me on a short leash without choking my enthusiasm.  The school environment can be tough these days, especially for substitutes.  Our school always allowed the substitutes to carry tasers or mace to defend themselves against the bad dawgs.  I also remember getting naps in doggie kindergarten.  We all had a cubbyhole where we kept our nap rugs.  I always picked out a nice patch of sunshine for my nap!  Dad says that most if not all kindergartners these days don't even get a nap.  Sounds like the little tikes need to organize a protest!!!!  NAP!  NAP!  NAP!  NAP!













Olivia Culpo
is 26 today
May 8, 1992

American Actress, Television Presenter,
Cellist, Beauty Queen
Miss USA 2012
Miss Universe 2012
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"You might be a teacher if...
You want to throw away
35 paper towel cardboard cores,
28 egg cartons, and a pile of construction paper scraps,