Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 is   

National Senior Health and Fitness Day


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TOPIC:  Working Outů

Posted:  5/30/2018, 4:48 a.m. EDT


Dad says you need to work out if you want to stay fit.  Our free-loading kat isn't in to fitness at all.  In fact, the rodent is more likely to be smoking Nip while it watches me work out.  Dawgs pant a whole bunch when we work out, which is weird considering we usually don't even wear pants.  Dad flaps his lips and waves his arms when he talks about the latest slimy moves by the democrats, and then he has the nerve to call that his "work out".  If you ask me he needs to put down the bag of chips and get up off the couch if wants to shed some calories.  Burn some today I say!














Idina Menzel
is 47 today
May 30, 1971

Actress, Singer, Songwriter
"Maureen Johnson" in musical & film Rent,
"Elphaba" in the musical "Wicked"
"Elizabeth" in the musical "If/Then"
"Shelby Corcoran" on "Glee"
"Nancy Tremaine" in animated film Enchanted
"Queen Elsa" in animated film Frozen ("Let It Go")
Album "Holiday Wishes"


"My exercise routine consists of doing diddly squats!"