Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 is   

Goth Day



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TOPIC:  Goths…

Posted:  5/22/2018, 4:18 a.m. EDT


You must do weird things to your hair if you want to be Goth.  This may involve the use of hair dye (or Kool-Aid), spiking gel, hairspray, and a hair dryer (sparkles are optional).  The wardrobe must be black of course.  Finally, adjust your attitude.  Wipe that smile off your face and let's get going.






... Goths ...


Some say Goths resist labels and have no authority figures or leaders.  So, in order to label them, common characteristics include being creative, appreciating the arts, being introspective (not necessarily introverted), and rejecting the status quo, the shallow, and the artificial.  They are anti-trend, embracing the darker side of culture.  Think cemeteries.  Think melancholy.


In contrast to, "Have a nice day," Goths resonate more to "Life is dark, life is sad, all is not well, and most people you meet will try to hurt you".  Goth stands in direct opposition to the Hippie free love, be happy attitude. You're welcome.











Erin McNaught
is 36 today
May 22, 1982

Australian Model, Actress, Presenter,
Television Personality,

Miss Universe 2006 competition
"Sienna Cammeniti" in soap "Neighbours"
"MTV Hits Weekly Hot30 Countdown"





"Sometimes I shock myself with the smart stuff I say & do.
Then, there are times when I try to get out of the car with my seat belt on."