Friday, March 2nd, 2018 is   

Employee Appreciation Day



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TOPIC:  Appreciation…

Posted:  3/2/2018, 4:04 a.m. EST


The consensus is that dawgs and humans work harder if someone shows appreciation for their effort.  I often get patted on the head and bacon treats for being a good boy, and I must say it helps me focus on the tasks at hand.  For example, the next time I chase our kat I plan to actually catch the rodent and explain how it can do its job better.  To be clear however, the kat really doesn't have it job other than exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide (breathing) and pooping in a box.  Fire up America - it's Friday!




The company boss called one of his employees into his office. "Tony, it's been a year since you joined the company.  Initially, you began in the mail room and one week later you were promoted to a sales position. One  month later, you were promoted to District Manager of the sales department.  Three short months after that, you were promoted to Vice President.


The time has come for me to retire and I would like you to take over the company.  What do you say to that?"  "Thanks," said the employee.  "Thanks?" the boss said.  "Is that all you can say?"


"I guess not," replied the employee.  "Thank you, Dad!"











Veronica Dunne
is 23 today
March 2, 1995

American Actress
"Marisa" in Disney's "K.C.Undercover"
"Sophie" in Broadway's "Mama Mia"
"Kickin' It", "Austin and Ally"
"The Suite Life on Deck"




"I don't mean to interrupt people.
I just randomly remember things & really get excited."