Thursday, July 5th, 2018 is   
Workaholics Day


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TOPIC:  Work, work, work…

Posted:  7/5/2018, 4:06 a.m. EDT


So, the rule is that you got to work if you want some stuff.  There are a few options, like receiving an inheritance, winning a lottery, having Native Americans hand you cash at a casino, or by sticking up a place of business or financial institution.  In general; however, these are rare events and should not be relied upon to gain financial security.  Now that it's understood you must work to earn a living, you should also understand that you should not be working 24 hours a day.  Dad says to start off by working just 18 or 19 hours, and then increase it if necessary.  Of course, he's talking hours per week, not hours per day.  Don't be ridiculous!










Cassi Colvin
is 28 today
July 5, 1990

American Actress & Model
The Bold and the Beautiful,
Elements of Matter,
One Buck,
Open Marriage




"Why do people ask
'How was work?' Like, work is work...
I would rather be in Europe right now, naked on a yacht, while destroying my liver...
...but here I am."