Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 is   
National Eat Beans Day



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TOPIC:  Beans…

Posted:  7/3/2018, 4:11 a.m. EDT


Baked beans are not a favorite food for us dawg types, but dad likes them. He says that they're magically high in protein, low in fat and rich in fiber.  Not that he's all that smart, but he did tell me that fiber helps in digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and even helps improve blood sugar control.  Unfortunately, after living with this doofus for a while I've found out that the soluble fiber in beans is what causes flatulence (fart response).  You should know that fart gasses include hydrogen, which is very dangerous and explosive gas.  The moral to this story is that you should stay away from my dad unless you're willing to risk a hydrogen explosion.  That is all.




... Bile Beans ...



Bile Beans was a laxative and tonic first marketed in the 1890s.

The product supposedly contained substances extracted

from a hitherto unknown vegetable source by a fictitious chemist

known as Charles Forde


 In the early years Bile Beans were marketed as

"Charles Forde's Bile Beans for Biliousness",

and sales relied heavily on newspaper advertisements.

Among other cure-all claims, Bile Beans promised to

"disperse unwanted fat" and "purify and enrich the blood".









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July 3, 1980

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