Thursday, January 11th, 2018 is   

National Milk Day



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TOPIC:  Milků

Posted:  1/11/2018, 4:20 a.m. EST


I must say that our cat likes milk more than me.  I've personally witnessed the rodent in a drunken stupor and milk mustache on many occasions.  I must admit though that milk is pretty good stuff if you're looking to down a plate of cookies or dunk a box of plain old fashioned sour cream donuts.  From personal experience I know that our resident rodent feline can go on and on for hours about the benefits of the "white nectar" as it calls the stuff.  Take it from your old uncle Skippy that It would probably be a better investment in your time to talk to your cat about the evils of Nip.  Like I always tell our fuzzball, "just say no".  And don't even get me started about the problem in this country with toddlers and their addiction to chocolate milk.














Lindsay Arnold Cusick
is 24 today
January 11, 1994

American Professional Latin & Ballroom Dancer
"So You Think You Can Dance"
Dancer & Choreographer on "Dancing with the Stars"

Season 22: 4th place (Wanya Morris)
Season 23: 3rd place (Calvin Johnson)
Season 24: 2nd place (David Ross)
Season 25 (2017): 1st place (Jordan Fisher)




"You know that little thing inside your head
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Yeah, I don't have one of those."