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National Lighthouse Day


Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven
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TOPIC:  Lighthouses…

Posted:  8/7/2018, 4:30 a.m. EDT


Lighthouses are pretty cool.  You tend to see them along the shoreline of large bodies of water, although you can also find them for sale in a lot of garden houses.  I keep trying to reason why they are sold in garden houses and I've determined that they are primarily intended for those poor souls who have turned what should be a lovely lawn in their front yard into a jungle.  If you have turned your yard into an out-of-control jungle, chances are you can also get lost within it.  A properly placed yard lighthouse can then serve as the means for self-rescue.  I think the fire department, coast guard, and others involved in the rescue business got tired of having to find the dumbasses who were getting lost in their yard and came up with this idea of selling lighthouses in garden houses to help out the truly stupid.  And now you know the rest of the story.  Your welcome.




... Grand Haven, Michigan Lighthouses ...


Established in 1839, there are two lights on the south pier.

The south pier is currently under re-construction.

Both lights are painted red and are normally connected by a lighted catwalk.

The catwalk connects them to the shore and the Grand Haven Boardwalk.

The catwalk is currently removed to facilitate pier reconstruction.


The inner light is cylindrical.

The outer light (foghouse) stands on a huge concrete foundation

and is often referred to as the "boathouse" because of its shape.


People often enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk that borders the Grand River channel and the pier,

making the Grand Haven lighthouses one of the most photographed lighthouses in the Midwest.

The Grand Haven pier is also a popular spot for fishing and catching the sunset.







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August 7, 1982

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... Reconstructing the Grand Haven, Michigan south pier ...




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