Friday, April 27th, 2018 is   

National Hairball Awareness Day



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TOPIC:  Hairballs…

Posted:  4/27/2018, 4:50 a.m. EDT


Let's all just admit that hairballs are primarily a cat problem.  Please be encouraged that there are simple solutions.  The quick and easy remedy is to get rid of the cat.  If you're unwilling to dump your feline then consider having your lawyer draw up an agreement where the stoopid four-legged fuzzball agrees not to eat its own hair.  Yet another solution that I like personally is to simply require your cat shower more frequently.  Having the cat showering more may clog your drains, but it would certainly go a long way toward solving the hairball problem and your rodent will smell better.





... National Little Pampered Dog Day ...


Today is also National Little Pampered Dog Day.









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