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Boston Marathon Day



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TOPIC:  Running…

Posted:  4/16/2018, 4:28 a.m. EDT


My mom always told me not to run with scissors.  This has proved to be great advice, and since that day I've always kept a pair of scissors in my pocket.  Ask a runner why it's good to run and they’ll probably give you a hundred or so reasons.  To be honest, running is just a faster way of walking.  Dad says that running is a mental sport, and all runners are insane.  He also says that running late counts as exercise.  Thirdly he says that he will resort to running if ever there is a zombie apocalypse.  He's very smart.













Lorraine Nicholson
is 28 today
April 16, 1990

American Actress & Director
Daughter of Jack Nicholson
"Alana Blanchard" in Soul Surfer,

Short Films: The Instant Message,
This Magic Moment, Life Boat


"Whenever I go running I meet new people
... like paramedics"