Thursday, April 12th, 2018 is   

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day



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TOPIC:  Grilled Cheese…

Posted:  4/12/2018, 4:27 a.m. EDT


Food is good, especially if you want to continue living and breathing and stuff.  Grilled cheese is one of the basic food groups, so having a special day to celebrate makes sense.  To make it all come together you have to get yourself some bread (white is best but whole wheat is okay too), some butter, some cheese and a grill.  Cheese is the main ingredient of course, and it must be yellow and capable of turning into a molten mass when heated.  The art of turning these raw materials into a yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner lies in the proper application of butter to the bread and adequate supervision of the heat source.  Vegans, gluten free junkies, and other non-American life forms needn't bother.











I'm reading the Atkins Diet Book

and I'm at the part where

you set it on fire and

make yourself a

grilled cheese


Nancy J. Bob
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April 12, 1960's...ish

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"How do people do backflips and stuff?
Like I can't even flip my grilled cheese without screwing up."