Friday, September 8th is   

National 401(k) Day




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TOPIC:  Show Me The Money…

Posted:  9/8/2017, 4:52 a.m. EDT


Dad says that there's nothing he's learned from being a father that he couldn't just as easily have figured out by simply setting all his money on fire.  That seems a bit cynical, but then that's what I expect.  He also says that one way to have a million dollars when you retire is to invest 10 million.  Again, very cynical, and I must say it is not very respectful of investment companies.  I have offered to help manage his meager life savings.  I know that he needs me because, as far as I can tell, his entire investment strategy is to occasionally go online and check to see if his 401 (k) has a positive balance.  Now I say, go henceforth, take on the weekend, and pick some Honeycrisp apples!


... Today is also National Dog Walker Appreciation Day ...









Ella Rae Peck
is 27 today
September 8, 1990

American Actress
"Charlotte (Lola) Rhodes" in

The CW's "Gossip Girl"
"Mia Bowers" in NBC's "Deception"

"I live in constant fear that my my granddaughter will become a famous artist or painter
and I will have thrown out about a trillion dollars of her work."