Tuesday, September 5th is   

National Be Late For Something Day




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TOPIC:  Late…

Posted:  9/5/2017, 4:49 a.m. EDT


Dad says, "It's hard to be late if you get up early".  I honestly don't know how he gets away with saying such stupid stuff all the time but he does.  It could be because he's old and feeble, but I think it's probably because he's very ugly.  I've learned that ugly people are seldom challenged and I think that is is because no one wants to spend time around ugly people.  So, the moral to today's lesson is that if you're looking for an excuse about why you are late, do not blame an ugly person.







Gage Golightly
is 24 today
September 5, 1993

American Actress
"Hayley Steele" in Nickelodeon's series
"The Troop" (2009–11)
"Erica Reyes" on MTV's "Teen Wolf"
"Karen" in 2002 remake of Cabin Fever
"Libby" Step Sisters



"Why is it when I'm running late, I hit every red light?
But when all I want to do is finish my mascara, I catch all the green lights,