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TOPIC:  Fall Color…

Posted:  9/27/2017, 4:37 a.m. EDT


So, the Fam went on a color tour yesterday in northern lower Michigan.  We found out there wasn't any color (other than green) but it wasn't a total loss because I got to hang my head out the window the entire 3,250 miles.  I got a little wind burn, but the way I see it, no pain no gain.  Turns out the "gain" was negative because mom had to stop at a casino and give all our money to the native Americans.  I guess she feels guilty about kicking the Indians off their land, even though I don't think she was directly involved.  Apparently losing most of your traveling money is considered proper reparations for our past evil deeds.  But I digress.  The colors were very nice.  I'm afraid to remind dad that this means he'll be filling about 3,000 lawn and leaf bags in the next few weeks.  Party on Garth.









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