Tuesday, September 26th is   

Johnny Appleseed Day



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Facts About John Appleseed According to a Kindergartner...


1.  Johnny Appleseed wore a pot hat.


2.  He lived in the Northwest.


3.  He wore no shoes and walked barefooted.


4.  He lived in the 1900's which was 19 years ago.


5.  He was 19 when he died.  Donít write that, I donít know.  Maybe he was, like, 114.


6.  He planted apple trees all over our country.


7.  Heís dead.  He died.


8.  He used his pot hat to cook apples.


9.  He had no home to live.  When he was home, he had a house.


10.  He helped animals eat apples.


11.  He took care of the apples and the animals.


12.  He wore a shirt for a sack.  I mean, he wore a sack for a shirt.


13.  He walked everywhere, all over the country.  And he died.


14.  He just ate one apple and he died.


15.  He didnít eat much and he died.


16.  He didnít drink and thatís why he died.


17.  I miss Johnny Appleseed.  He gave apples to people.






Talulah Riley
is 32 today
September 26, 1985

English Actress
Pride & Prejudice, St Trinian's,
The Boat That Rocked,
St. Trinian's 2:
The Legend of Fritton's Gold and Inception

"Angela" on HBO's "Westworld"




   Skippy Says  


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
So does not having any health insurance."