Monday, September 25th is   

World Pharmacists Day




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TOPIC:  Pharmacists…

Posted:  9/25/2017, 4:28 a.m. EDT


Dad has a drug dealer.  At least that's what I call him.  He calls him a pharmacist, but I know better.  For what he pays for his "meds" I told him he should forget trying to stay healthy and just go find some reasonably priced heroine or meth.  He says that he wouldn't want to do the meth thing because of what it does to your teeth.  He says that his dentist would get all up in his face about his shrinking teeth and that he just doesn't need more grief in his life.  Where's my Valium?











Emmy Clarke
is 26 today
September 25, 1991

American Actress
"Julie Teeger" in the series "Monk"
The film Fur

Emmy Clarke



"Here's your prescription for getdahelloverit.
I'm also going to recommend you stay off the internet and cut down on your breathing."