Friday, September 22nd is   

Autumnal Equinox Day


(First day of Autumn)
4:02 p.m. EDT in 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere

Equal hours of light and dark


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TOPIC:  Fall…

Posted:  9/22/2017, 4:26 a.m. EDT


Autumn is a great time of the year.  We all rejoice in the things that come around, like crisp clean air, seasonal depression disorder, leaves, hidden dog turds, pumpkins, scarecrows, apples, road kill, candy corn, NFL football, pumpkin spice, booze (I just threw that in there), hot cocoa, boots, and of course zombies.  Dad says the best way to cope is to go and pick up the things you need, like heading to Cabela's for a 12 gauge (zombies), and Menard's for rakes, leaf bags and backache cream.  This fall is off to a good start, with the Detroit Lions going 2-0.  Take on the weekend.











Laura Vandervoort
is 33 today
September 22, 1984

Canadian Actress
"Sadie Harrison" in the series "Instant Star"
"Arla 'The Bolt-Gun Killer' Cogan" in "Haven"
"Kara Zor-El" in the series "Smallville"
"Lisa" in the series "V"
"Elena Michaels" in the series "Bitten"

The Entitled
Supervillain "Indigo/Brainiac 8"
in the CBS series "Supergirl"



"If you look in the mirror and say 'pumpkin spice latte' three times,
a white girl in yoga pants will appear
and tell you everything she loves about fall"