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TOPIC:  Donuts…

Posted:  9/14/2017, 4:05 a.m. EDT


Donut Dawg

Okay, so we all know that donuts were sent from heaven by God himself.  It is not nearly as clear about who added cream (or is it crème?) filling.  God probably did that too, and man likely added donuts with jelly filling.  Not that I'm racist or anything, but donuts filled with jelly are not even close to being as good as cream-filled.  Now that we have that straight, it is important to note that not everyone likes cream-filled donuts.  That is why the good Lord has given us some even better choices, such as sour-cream donuts (glazed is truly heavenly), and nut-topped sticky buns to name just a couple.  Donut calories do not count on this holiday, so please help yourself on your way out.


It's Holy!



There really should be


... Bloodhounds ...


The Bloodhound takes its name from the fact that, at one time,

it could only be owned by people of "blood," or the well-born, blue-blooded folk.


They are a very old breed.

They love cream-filled donuts.



It is likely.



The boss I tell you!


Nice Doggie


Kristen Renton

Dilshad Vadsaria
is 32 today
September 14, 1985

American Actress
"Rebecca Logan" on ABC Family's "Greek"
30 Minutes or Less, Rapture
"Mary Goodwin" on FOX's "Second Chance"


Just do it.


"My idea of healthy eating is blowing the sugar off my donut."