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Grandparents Day



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TOPIC:  Grandparent's Day…

Posted:  9/10/2017, 4:31 a.m. EDT


So, mom and dad are grandparents.  They have two cute little crumb crunchers who come over all the time and play with the Skipster.  I asked them the other day how they were going to celebrate Grandparent's Day, and the oldest one said that they were thinking about taking them to a nice restaurant so they could plunder for Sweet 'N Low packets.  Now that's what I call celebrating!







Elyse Levesque
is 32 today
September 10, 1985

Canadian Actress
"Chloe Armstrong" in Syfy's"Stargate Universe"
witch "Genevieve" in "The Originals"



"Grandparents are parents,
but with more sleep, fewer rules, and an endless supply of cookies"