Friday, September 1st is   

National Lazy Moms Day




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TOPIC:  Lazy Moms…

Posted:  9/1/2017, 4:18 a.m. EDT


From my experience, most moms are not lazy.  They may be highly motivated to do nothing, but, like dad says, "that's different".  Lazy means that there is no motivation to do anything.  Dad says you need goals to be motivated, and once you are motivated there are no limits on what can be accomplished.  For example, if you're be motivated you go out and get a job, make lots of money, and live happily ever after.  If you're lazy, you get government cheese and receive earned income credit.  That is all.




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Zendaya (Coleman)
is 21 today
September 1, 1996

American Actress, Singer, Dancer (but who isn't really?)
"Rocky Blue" on Disney Channel's "Shake It Up"
TV film "Frenemies"
Sitcom "Good Luck Charlie"
"Rocky Blue"
"Good Luck Charlie/Shake It Up"
Singles "Swag It Out", "Watch Me",
Debut album "Zendaya" (2013)

"All I need right now is a hug...
and five hundred thousand dollars in cash."