Monday, October 9th is   

Columbus Day



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TOPIC:  NFL Football…

Posted:  10/9/2017, 4:50 a.m. EDT


Oh yeah, the 3-1 Lions lost to the 3-1 Panthers yesterday. The score was 27-24, and so now the Lions are now 3-2.  The Skipster was hopeful that the Lions would go to victory, especially considering they now have cheerleaders on the sidelines, but the Panthers apparently decided to cheat.  They should now go back to North Carolina and think about what they've done!  The Lions will bounce back next week when they take on the New Orleans Saints who, according to published reports, really aren't all that saintly.  Tonight's game on Monday night football will showcase the Vikings beating up on the Bears.  For all the cheeseheads out there, the Packers beat the Cowboys in Dallas 35-31.  GO PACK!




... Fire Prevention ... 


October 9th is also Fire Prevention Day







Spencer Grammer
is 34 today
October 9, 1983

American Actress
"Summer Smith" "Rick and Morty"
"Casey Cartwright" on "Greek"


"There's nothing more American than complaining all day
about not having Columbus Day off."