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Do Something Nice Day




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TOPIC:  Nice Stuff

Posted:  10/5/2017, 4:23 a.m. EDT


Dad says you should do nice things whenever possible, understanding that some situations make it difficult.  Doing nice things when you're a dawg can be hard, especially when you live with an ingrate cat.  One of the nicest things I did recently is to notify animal control that there was a rabid cat in our yard in hopes that they would come immediately and remove the rodent.  Turns out I got in trouble because shortly thereafter a SWAT team arrived and surrounded our house.  When they found out that the cat wasn't actually rabid, dad had to pay the city $5,000 for a "false alarm".  I swear, some days you can't do nice things for anyone. Even so, the SWAT team was pretty cool.










Lais Ribeiro
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October 5, 1990

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"I'm actually really nice,
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