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National Food Truck Day



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TOPIC:  Fire Prevention Week…

Posted:  10/11/2017, 4:13 a.m. EDT


So, it's fire prevention week.  You may be asking yourself how this ties in with it being National Food Truck Day. Well, let me tell you.  If you have a food truck there is a need to be keenly aware of the associated fire hazards.  If you're making Skippy Dogs for the folks in your truck, chances are there is a stove being used to heat the meat.  We all know that stoves can burn down your food truck, especially if it gas, electric or coal-fired.  Back in the day, dad had a pulverized coal-fired stove for making dogs, and every once in a while he'd blow it up.  Just sayin'.





... Fire Prevention Week ... 


This is fire prevention week.







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October 11, 1976

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