Tuesday, October 10th is   

Mental Health Day



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TOPIC:  Mental Health…

Posted:  10/10/2017, 4:17 a.m. EDT


Okay I'll say it.  Some dawg owners are flat out crazy because they take training their cute little doggies way too seriously.  For example, our neighbor down the street is trying to teach their pooch to go grocery shopping.  They don't want to use the local Meijer store shopping service called "Shipt Home Delivery" because they think their dawg can get them things faster.  First of all, teaching Fluffy how to shop for cat food is going to prove futile.  I also suspect that even if Fluffy does get into the store it is likely to go straight to the meat aisle and start loading the cart with bacon and steak.  Shopping also means that Fluffy will probably have to learn how to drive the family car, and most states will not issue driver licenses to the family pet (tell me about it). So, I say seek out counseling if you are  nuts, and then save your pent up craziness for more important stuff - like your day job or going to the local Secretary of State office.  Take on the day. 





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Aimee Teegarden
is 28 today
October 10, 1989

American Actress, Model, Producer
"Julie Taylor" in "Friday Night Lights"
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"Therapy helps...
But, screaming obscenities is faster and cheaper!!"