Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 is   

National Attitude Day



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TOPIC:  Back to Work…

Posted:  7/5/2017, 4:50 a.m. EDT


So, we had a really long holiday weekend but now it's time to return to our posts.  During this week only, Wednesday will be more like Monday.  Fortunately, Friday will still feel like Friday and it's only a couple of days away.  I could easily get used to three-day work weeks.  Until then I'll take an aspirin and call my doctor in the morning.  Dad tells me he's retiring next week, and after that he says every week will have only as many days as he desires.  Who knew that you could warp time after you retire?  If he has anything to do with it, the week will officially have five Fridays, one Saturday and one Sunday.  Sunday may even be turned into yet another Friday, or perhaps just become another Saturday.  In the meantime it's all about attitude. Happy Attitude Day.




... National Cherry Festival ...
The National Cherry Festival
in Traverse City, Michigan
Runs from July 1st through July 8th, 2017




Cassi Colvin
is 27 today
July 5, 1990

American Actress & Model
One Buck (2017), Open Marriage (2017)
Elements of Matter (2016)

"I want a closed casket funeral.
However, towards the end of the service, please have the organist play
'Pop Goes The Weasel'
over and over until everyone in attendance is staring at my coffin
with silent, horrified anticipation"