Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 is   

Michigan Admission Day

(on this day in 1837)






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TOPIC:  Michigan ...

Posted:  1/26/2016, 4:32 a.m. ET


So Michigan is a pretty big state. It has to be to fit in the Mackinac bridge and all the other stuff.  Dad says he’s a native, but I know some people who say he lived in Wisconsin for a few years.  Apparently Wisconsin is one of those Michigan Wanna-be states, because they’ve tried to steal the “Mitten” marketing thing.  I say if some state wants to change their name to “Michigan” we should let them do it. 


Politically Correct Terms For Job Evaluations ...


Requires work-value attitudinal readjustment:  Lazy and hard-headed.


Should go far:  Please.


Slightly below average:  Stupid.


Straightforward:  Blunt and insensitive.


Strong adherence to principles:  Stubborn.


Tactful in dealing with superiors:  Knows when to keep mouth shut.


Takes pride in work:  Conceited.


... Cinderella  ...


In the original version of Cinderella

the slipper was made out of fur, not glass!




"I'm not fat. I'm just easy to see."