Thursday, July 16th, 2015 is    

Hot Dog Night

(53rd annual - Luverne, Minnesota)


Featuring the Weiner Dog Race


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TOPIC:  Shark Hunting …

Posted: 7/16/2015, 4:44 a.m. EDT


So I was out hunting sharks yesterday.  I caught a mess of them, and then mom cooked them up for dinner.  They're a little tough, but I've found that with bacon and little meat tenderizer they taste just fine.  Dad says we should leave the sharks alone because they only kill a few people every year.  To that I just nod politely and then slowly back away.




Crime ...


I read that a man was murdered in Wilson, Idaho, and his body was found in a bathtub filled with milk.


There was also a banana in the tub.


It is feared that it may have been a cereal killer



... Graffiti  ...


Some of the first examples of graffiti come from 1st century Pompeii,

where messages like

“I don’t want to sell my husband” and

“Successus was here”

were written on walls.




AnnaLynne McCord
is 28 today
July 16, 1987

American Actress & Model
"Eden Lord" in the series "Nip/Tuck"
"Loren Wakefield" in "American Heiress"
"Naomi Clark" in the series "90210"
2012 film Excision

"Politicians should be buried 100 feet down
Because deep down they are really good people."