Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 is    

International Joke Day


A pilot was flying over the jungle

when he started having engine trouble.


Eventually the engine stopped and he realized that he would

have to bail out before it lost too much height and crashed.


So he put on his parachute and jumped out of the door.

He pulled the rip cord, his parachute opened and he

floated gently down towards a clearing in the jungle.


Unfortunately he landed right in the middle of a large cooking pot

in which the chief of the cannibals was cooking lunch.


The chief cried out in astonishment,

"what's this flier doing in my soup?"



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TOPIC:  Cat Rodent

Posted: 7/1/2015, 5:00 a.m. EDT


Our rodent cat is a very angry animal.  I've never seen a day when it was happy-go-lucky or perky.  I've found the best I can expect is a certain amount of tolerance.  Most days the catnip addict has its claws full out and smells of fish.  It never wants to engage in intelligent conversation.  That's understood, because this particular cat is very stupid.



Mayberry RFD ...


It just dawned on me why Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet.... nobody was married.  Here are the single people that come to mind:



Aunt Bea







Ernest T Bass

The Darlin family


Thelma Lou



In fact, the only one married was Otis and he stayed drunk!


(Thanks Rick Justema)


... RFD. ...


As in "Mayberry RFD"


"Rural Free Delivery"




Hilarie Burton
is 33 today
July 1, 1982

American Actress
Former host of MTV's "Total Request Live"
"Peyton Sawyer" on the series "One Tree Hill"
Films: Solstice, The List
"Sara Ellis" in the USA series "White Collar"
"Dr. Lauren Boswell" in "Grey's Anatomy"




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