Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 is   

Work Like A Dog Day




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Two Cows ...




You have two cows.
You sell one, lease it back to yourself and do an IPO on the 2nd one.
You force the two cows to produce the milk of four cows. You are
surprised when one cow drops dead.
You spin an announcement to the analysts stating you have downsized and
are reducing expenses.
Your stock goes up.



You have two cows.
You go on strike because you want three cows.
You go to lunch and drink wine.
Life is good.




You have two cows.
You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow
and produce twenty times the milk.
They learn to travel on unbelievably crowded trains.
Most are at the top of their class at cow school.


... Movies ...


A large percentage of the budget for the movie

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

was donated by members of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd



Jessica Nigri
is 25 today
August 5, 1989

American Cosplay Celebrity, Promotional Model,
Fan Convention Interview Correspondent
Spokesmodel for Lollipop Chainsaw &
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag




"I may look busy, but I'm actually just confused"