Tuesday, August 22nd is   

Take Your Cat To The Vet Day




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TOPIC:  Veterinarians…

Posted:  8/22/2017, 4:29 a.m. EDT


No self-respecting dawg or cat I know likes going to the vet.  Most humans feel the same way, except that their "vet" is called a doctor.  Dad told me this funny joke the other day about a vet who was feeling ill going to see his doctor.  The doctor asked the vet all the usual questions, about symptoms, how long they had they been occurring, etc., when he interrupted him:  “Hey look, I’m a vet, I don’t need to ask my patients these kinds of questions.  I can tell what’s wrong just by looking.  Why can’t you?"  The wise doctor nodded, looked him up and down, wrote out a prescription, and handed it to him.  He then said, “There you are.  Of course, if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to have to put you down."  Don't you hate it when they put you down?  Assuming that you survived the eclipse, take on the day. 












Jennifer Finnigan
is 38 today
August 22, 1979

Canadian Actress
"Bridget Forrester" in "The Bold and the Beautiful"
CBS series "Close to Home"
ABC series "Better with You"
FX series "Tyrant"
"Grace Barrows" on CBS's drama "Salvation"



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I have squirrels, and they're at a rave."