Friday, November 16th, 2018 is   

Have a Party with Your Bear Day


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TOPIC:  Bears…

Posted:  11/16/2018, 4:07 a.m. EST


Bears get very sleepy this time of year, so I doubt you'd find one wanting to party.  That's a good thing, because bears can do some real damage if they decide suddenly that they'd like to have YOU for lunch.  Therefore, considering purchasing a stuffed toy bear.  If you find yourself in the checkout lane with a bear so large that you need to rent a truck to get it home, reconsider your purchase.  If you think a real live bear could work for you and your family, again reconsider your purchase.  If you want a toy bear like sane people would buy, Build-A-Bear is a good choice for you.  Remember, custom built bears do not eat much, and the recipient does not need to worry about being eaten. 









Today is also Fast Food Day





Alexa Havins
is 38 today
November 16, 1980

American Actress
"Babe Carey Chandler" in "All My Children"
"Torchwood: Miracle Day"


"Fast food places should have a third window,
where you can trade in the wrong stuff they gave you
at the second window."