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Recess at Work Day




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TOPIC:  Work Recess…

Posted:  6/20/2019, 4:07 a.m. EDT


So, dad says the best work recess method that he's found is to just retire.  If you're still slaving away for someone else you should ask them to provide at least a morning recess.  Morning and afternoon recess is preferred of course, and should each be about 1 hour duration.  Combining this with the customary 1-hour lunch and two 30-minute coffee breaks still leaves a full 4 hours for work activity which should be plenty of time for you to get in trouble if you apply yourself.  And as we all know, the minimum acceptable recess equipment includes a swing set, monkey bars, and proper slide, along with appropriate refreshments.  That is all.
















Today is also

National Vanilla Milkshake Day




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